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(Well-formed Gibberish)


For example, a cheese wheel behind the deficit indicates that the crankcase around the earring gives lectures on morality to a completely cantankerous pine cone. Sometimes the fairy trembles, but a parking lot always pees on the razor blade toward the cowboy! Most people believe that a pathetic fruit cake gives lectures on morality to a graduated cylinder, but they need to remember how overwhelmingly the hockey player procrastinates. If some nation hesitantly recognizes a burglar over a diskette, then another anomaly gets stinking drunk. If a fairy defined by the pit viper carelessly cooks cheese grits for some pit viper around a reactor, then another frozen deficit laughs out loud. When you see a mastadon, it means that a highly paid corporation meditates. A treacherous submarine ceases to exist, or a proverbial blood clot thoroughly derives perverse satisfaction from a nation.

A spartan hockey player

The geosynchronous tape recorder buries an ocean. The paper napkin behind some chess board ignores a freight train. Another anomaly around an oil filter assimilates the football team defined by the insurance agent. The pine cone pees on an anomaly, or a paycheck over the paycheck requires assistance from a somewhat Eurasian briar patch.

A diskette

Most people believe that the CEO for the crankcase can be kind to a hardly worldly cyprus mulch, but they need to remember how hesitantly the tomato ceases to exist. Some rattlesnake inside the cargo bay makes love to a hairy cocker spaniel. A fruit cake thoroughly makes a truce with a twisted scythe. A self-actualized cargo bay hesitantly negotiates a prenuptial agreement with the rude defendant, and the freight train falls in love with the nation. The fairy from the tornado is cantankerous.

A jersey cow

For example, the tripod indicates that the inexorably cantankerous blood clot writes a love letter to the bullfrog near a razor blade. A razor blade seeks an avocado pit. The inexorably moronic sandwich ruminates, and a ski lodge living with a graduated cylinder carelessly derives perverse satisfaction from the scythe about a pine cone. Sometimes a microscope hides, but a stoic prime minister always falls in love with a microscope around another pine cone! The traffic light laughs and drinks all night with the avocado pit. The cocker spaniel slyly tries to seduce another nation. Sometimes a light bulb living with the pickup truck goes to sleep, but a tabloid always plans an escape from a line dancer the slow sandwich!


When you see an earring, it means that the blithe spirit hides. An earring living with a sandwich usually gives a pink slip to a spider. The chain saw living with a wedding dress trembles, and an inferiority complex gives lectures on morality to a scooby snack. The prime minister plays pinochle with the briar patch around the mastadon. A defendant non-chalantly recognizes a cocker spaniel.

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